Pin outs

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we use rollover cables (rj45 on both ends of a flat cable, pin 1->8, 2->7, 3->6, 4->5) and Yost rj45 adapters for all our serial consoles. It's easy to make rollover cables, and flat cables are easy to identify as 'not ethernet' - Anyhow, we also have some other equipment, like a cisco switch, so this page is 'scratch space' to keep track of wiring pinouts we use.

cisco console port -> rj45 rollover->DB9

we use the standard rj45->db9 adapters you find at frys. the colors here, well, they may not be the same for all vendors, but they mostly work. here's our pinout for the rj45 (female) to db9(female) adapter:

RJ-45F--color-- DB9F 
1 ------blue--- 7
2 ------oarnge- 4
3 ------black-- 3
4&5 ----red+green---- 5
6 ------green-- 2
7 ------yellow- 6
8 ------white-- 8