Chapter 3: Provisioning domUs

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A Basic DomU Configuration

You can suck Linux right out of the air, as it were, by downloading the right files and putting them in the right places, but there probably are not more than a few hundred people in the world who could create a functioning Linux system in that way. —Neal Stephenson, In the Beginning Was the Command Line

Selecting a Kernel

Quick-and-Dirty Install via tar

===Why This Is Not the Best Idea === ===Stuff to Watch Out For ===

Using the Package Management System with an Alternate Root

===Red Hat, CentOS, and Other RPM-Based Distros === ===Debootstrap with Debian and Ubuntu ===

QEMU Install

virt-install—Red Hat’s One-Step DomU Installer

Converting VMware Disk Images

Mass Deployment

===Manual Deployment === ===QEMU and Your Existing Infrastructure === ===Installing pypxeboot === ===Automated Installs the Red Hat Way ===

And Then . . .