Servers to remove from production

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I'm ordering this by priority. Get people off the unreliable stuff first.

servers to remove from production for reliability reasons:

  • coloma (it's /very/ old. pushing a decade.) highest priority
  • mares (disk problems and a non-standard disk configuration)

servers to remove from production for economic reasons:

  • table (it's a dual quad core xeon but only has 2 disks and 12G ram. used as an emergency spare.)
  • jewel (it's a dual quad-core xeon with 48gb ram with the 32gb ram disk configuration. also an emergency spare situation.)
  • lion (it's only got 8gb ram and has no hot swap)

servers that only have one mirror for 32gb ram (we should reformat with more disks or make them dedicated servers)

  • bull
  • birds
  • stables
  • cattle
  • girdle
  • cerberus
  • apple
  • robe
  • seashell
  • sword
  • horn
  • chariot
  • cauldron

servers that are using two mirrors rather than raid10: (these are mostly okay, probably, except that many also have consumer-grade disks and non-standard disk configurations.)

  • hamper
  • bowl
  • branch
  • jewel
  • halter
  • knife
  • crock
  • coat
  • whetstone
  • dish