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In the past it was quite a bit of effort to get FreeBSD running as a PV domU on prgmr (see Deprecated: FreeBSD as a PV DomU), but on the new management console it is extremely easy!

If you have an "Install OS image" option in your console then you have the new console and can get a Xen HVM FreeBSD image in a few seconds. If you do not have this option you are on the legacy management console and can email support to get your instance moved to a new dom0.

    Main Menu - gigadelic

    Current status:
    	gigadelic is running.

    Wiki at
    Please contact with any issues accessing your machine.

    1. out of band console (press ctrl-] to escape, not resizeable)
    2. create/start, opens OOB console (try this if the machine is not running)
    3. shutdown (requests clean shutdown, forces off after 4 min)
    4. force power off (destroy/hard shutdown)
    5. reboot (shutdown + start)
    6. set bootloader or rescue mode
    7. view/add/remove ssh authorized_keys
    8. view/edit reverse dns
    9. install new OS image
    a. system details

    0. Exit
    R. refresh

    enter selection>

In "Set bootloader or rescue mode" you can boot the normal FreeBSD install image and completely customize your OS:

enter selection>6

    Set Boot Options - gigadelic

    Configured to boot from disk.

    1. Boot from disk
    2. Linux-based Live Rescue
    3. Linux netboot installers - install mode
    4. Linux netboot installers - rescue mode
    5. BSD installers

    0. Return to main menu
    R. refresh

    enter selection>5

    BSD installers - gigadelic

    1. FreeBSD 10 - 64 bit
    2. FreeBSD 11 - 64 bit
    3. NetBSD 6.1.5 - 32 bit
    4. NetBSD 6.1.5 - 64 bit
    5. NetBSD 7.0.2 - 32 bit
    6. NetBSD 7.0.2 - 64 bit
    7. OpenBSD 6.1 - 64 bit

    0. Return to set boot options
    R. refresh

    enter selection>

Or you can get prgmr's pre-configured image from "Install new OS image". If you use this you will get a system with just a root user, with SSH password authentication disabled, and with your management console key automatically installed to root’s authorized_keys:

    Install OS - gigadelic

    Installation will reset your system to boot from disk.

    1. Centos 6 - 64 bit
    2. Centos 7 - 64 bit
    3. Centos 7 Docker - 64 bit
    4. Debian Jessie - 64 bit
    5. Debian Jessie with SysVinit - 64 bit
    6. Debian Wheezy - 64 bit
    7. Fedora 24 - 64 bit
    8. Fedora 25 - 64 bit
    9. FreeBSD 10 - 64 bit
    a. FreeBSD 11 - 64 bit
    b. Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 - 64 bit
    c. Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 Docker - 64 bit
    d. Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 - 64 bit
    e. Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 Docker - 64 bit
    f. Ubuntu Yakkety 16.10 - 64 bit

    0. Return to main menu
    R. refresh

    enter selection>a

    Are you sure you want to install FreeBSD 11 - 64 bit(y/n)?y
    Add current ssh keys to root user(y/n/q)?y

    Shutdown request in progress. Press any key to stop waiting and cancel installation......
    Installation in progress. Press any key to stop waiting for completion.......

That’s all there is to it! Once installed through either method you can log in, install your software, and update using freebsd-update as you would on any bare-metal system.